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The All New ECOM EN2-F is an easy to use, briefcase style gas analyzer capable of monitoring a variety of exhaust gas parameters - available with remote! {more}

Available in two new models:

Pro Easy for standard testing, tuning & maintenance
Pro INDUSTRIAL for advanced features designed to meet all EPA and state testing requirements {more}

The ECOM-EN2 is an easy to use, briefcase style gas analyzer capable of monitoring a variety of exhaust gas parameters. {more}
The ECOM-CN is an easy to use, handheld gas analyzer designed for basic combustion monitoring in a variety of applications. {more}
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ECOM America Ltd.

the Industry Leader in portable emissions analyzers offers a wide range of instruments used in a variety of ways; most commonly, flue gas monitoring of liquid and gas fired combustion systems such as reciprocating diesel and natural gas engines  and turbines used for power generation   and gas compression, ECOM provides you witht thte tools you need for accurate emissions testing for just about any environment.steam process boilers, and some mobile diesel engines.

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Emissions Analyzers Applications

Used as a Service & Maintenance tool, an emission analyzer can help a technician diagnose combustion problems, optimize fuel efficiency, and maximize combustion system performance, often paying for itself within a short period of time.


Maintenance applications typically include boiler efficiency testing, burner set-up, and servicing of reciprocating natural gas, propane, diesel engines and turbines.


The newest portable emission analyzers are the J2KN PRO, EN2-F, and CL,