ECOM Software

Makes viewing & storing your testing results easy! View measurements in real time on your PC or Smart Device & access stored results in a convenient database.

ECOM develops its own software for their analyzers so you can be sure you get what you need. Select your software or the application below and learn more.




Rugged Equipment with Results You Can Trust

ECOM America has been on the innovative front of software development for periodic emissions analysis since our first DAS product launch in 2002. Understanding the needs from our customers, the reporting requirements from federal and state regulatory boards and putting that altogether in one intuitive and user friendly package is our specialty.

We offer several different software packages to meet your applications needs. From simple snapshot recording software, to advanced trending analysis with advanced compliance reporting capabilities, our software is designed for any application. Whether your testing takes you to industrial gas compression sites or 6000 feet beneath the surface of the earth monitoring a fleet of diesel machines, our software is designed to keep track of the equipment information. Easy to use, with conveniently located databases for all of your reporting history.

Take a look and see what we’ve created, making emissions testing easy since 1993 with our state of the art analyzers, it’s even easier with our full line of  software products.