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Thank you for contacting ECOM. Whether you have a question, comment, or request, we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us. We look forward to the opportunity to discover more about your needs. Please fill in the form below or email us and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Thank you again for your interest in ECOM.

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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

ECOM America offers Career Opportunities in the analyzer and emission industry. Apply today!

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When explaining the issue please be as detailed as possible! Some problems encountered in the field may be difficult to duplicate. Any specifics you provide will aid our service technicians in repairing your analyzer.

Expedited Services

Available for a $250 additional fee. To add expedited service to this RA, please call 1-877-326-6411 after you have received your RA number.

Packing Instructions

To ensure damage-free delivery, please ship your analyzer to us in a double-walled box and completely surround the unit with at least two inches of firm packing material such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Also fill the void inside the case with bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper to absorb any shock incurred during shipping and to protect the printer, water trap assembly and other movable parts.

Additional Information

A service number will be sent to your email. Please use this number when referencing your request.

Existing Service Requests

If you have questions regarding an EXISTING SERVICE REQUEST, please call Toll Free: 877-326-6411


We have expanded our maintenance service to include most non-ECOM manufactured emissions analyzers.

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