State of the Art Emission Analyzer – Remote/Wireless

ECOM America, a global leader in portable emission analyzers has introduced the ECOM – J2K. Designed to empower its operator with remote, wireless control, the J2KN is ideally suited for combustion and emissions monitoring on large industrial systems where control panel access is away from the flue test port. Sensor options offered are O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 plus gas and ambient temperature measurement, stack pressure and draft, along with calculations of CO2, efficiency, dew point and excess air. Standard features include high flow pump with flowmeter, integral impact printer, thermoelectric gas cooler with automatic condensate drain, on board data storage, and proven CO overload protection. Custom length heated sample lines are available as option. The J2k’s rugged basic module case will easily endure the harshest operating environments, and the wireless, hand held remote control features a large, backlit LCD. The remote control allows complete operation of all user functions of the analyzer. ECOM America sells and services advanced portable emission analyzers worldwide in the energy (including oil and gas), transportation, and mining industries. ECOM is based in Gainesville, Georgia.