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Gas Leak Detector for flammable gases

With bar indication
Indication range: up to 0.5% CH4
Reaction time: < 2 seconds
Indication: bar diagram, backlit display, size approx. 20 x 7 mm
1 -14 bars (10 bars approx. 1000 ppm CH4)
Power supply: 2 one-way batteries micro (AAA) or 2 accus micro (AAA)
Battery autonomy > 8 hours
Warm-up time: approx. 3 minutes
Operation temperature: -5°C to +40°C
Dimensions: – Housing approx. 155 x 35 x 22 mm – Flex arm L: approx. 355 mm
Weight: approx. 200 g
Delivered with 2 one-way batteries, testing bottle, protection sleeve and manual


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