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The ECOM Rack fits a standard 3U 19” rack and can be equipped with up to 6 gas sensors, including O2,CO,NO,NO2,SO2, CH4 (IR), CO2 (IR), H2S and Combustibles. It features an EPA recognized sample conditioning system containing a Peltier gas cooler/moisture removal system. When used with the optional heated sample line, the RACK meets current EPA protocols for compliance level portable analyzers. Additional features are gas and ambient temperature measurement, stack pressure/draft measurement, large LCD screen with zoom capability, auto-draining, particulate filters, a digital flow meter, automatic CO over-range protection, sensor temperature monitoring and internal temperature compensation over the full operational range (20° to 105° F), USB port, calculates CO2, efficiency, and excess air calculations. The RACK can be used with any of ECOM’s software options, including e-Comply, App and the 8 channel analog output module.

Standard Features

  • Analyzer with up to 6 gas sensors for measurement of O2, CO (2 ranges), NO, NO2, SO2, Combustibles
  • Gas & Air, & Sensor Temperature
  • Draft / Pressure Internal Pump Sample line (15’)
  • Heated Sample Line, optional Probe with thermocouple (13”)
  • Smoke Test capability Thermo-electric gas cooler
  • Moisture trap with automatic moisture dump On-board flow meter
  • In-line particulate filter
  • CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & Oxygen correction calculations
  • Smoke Test Capability Automatic CO Over-range protection
  • Internal battery Spare consumables (filters, printer paper, smoke test disks, etc.)
  • Operation Manual

How does it work?

    Each sensor has a circuit housed within an electrolyte solution and when the target gas is introduced into the sensor, the half reactions (oxidation and reduction) at the electrodes generate a flow of current through the circuit. The voltage drop across the electrodes is measured by the analyzer and corresponds directly to the target gas concentration (i.e., the higher the concentration of gas, the more reactions that take place, the higher the current). In each of the electrochemical sensors we use, there is also a third reference electrode which maintains a baseline potential for increased accuracy.

What is the warranty?

    1-year warranty on the analyzer and parts
    18-month warranty on electrochemical sensors

What does the ECOM RACK measure?

    Up to 6 gas sensors for measurement of O2, CO (2 ranges), NO, NO2, SO2, Combustibles Gas & Air, & Sensor Temperature

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EN3 Rack 2